Ghost Security Hacktivists Organize Ghost Security Group™ – Changes ready group for professional counter terrorism duties.

On November 1, 2015 the group formerly known as Ghost Security changed its name to Ghost Security Group™ and launched a new website The decision to change the group’s name was made following a restructuring initiative undertaken to improve the group’s capabilities to deliver support to the counter terrorism community. Operationally key outcomes of this restructuring initiative include an expanded focus on identifying and tracking uses of difficult to monitor online communications platforms by terrorist groups like the Islamic State. This program has been bolstered by closer collaboration with other networks of data collectors. In addition the restructuring initiative entailed dissociation of certain parties most of whom did not fill critical operational roles within the group’s data collection programs. Some of these individuals continue to utilize the name Ghost Security among them is the group’s former media liaison who was given the group’s original website Meanwhile most of the data collectors and social media network infiltrators previously affiliated with Ghost Security have joined the newly organized Ghost Security Group™.

The individual who oversaw the restructuring initiative that resulted in the creation of Ghost Security Group uses the online name of DigitaShadow. As a collective we now have operatives covering the entire globe both in cyber space and on the ground operating 24 hours a day with proficiency with every relevant language. DigitaShadow stated that “After a year of successful autonomous cyber counterterrorism operations under our belt we realized some changes needed to take place in order for us to grow the impact of our work. We are achieving this through increased reporting of Islamic State activities to counterterrorism officials in the United States. Through these engagements it became clear we needed to address some misapprehensions concerning our group. Much of that stemmed from our uses of menacing graphics which resemble logos used by illicit cyber networks. Perceptions matter and all of that was undermining our abilities to cultivate relationships with officials who now recognize our capabilities to add value to counter terrorism initiatives.

The group’s new trademarked look discards the hoodies and Guy Fawkes masks so often associated with publicity stunts and distributed denial of service attacks on government, religious and corporate websites in favor of pristine white graphics devoid of any reference to illegal activities. Part of the transition has included discarding their old brand and website which are now used by former group members who have a different philosophy and approach to combatting ISIS online. “We gave them the old domain to allow them to continue work in their own capacity” DigitaShadow says. “It has baggage associated with it and it was time to let go of that brand and image. We hope they realize success with their efforts. Every team working to disrupt ISIS online is valuable and needs to be recognized regardless of their approach provided that it helps the cause.”

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Twitter @GhostSecGroup

Original press release can be viewed at

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