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Q: How can I join Ghost Security Group™?

A: Due to the extremely sensitive nature of our work it is risky for us to allow new individuals into our little world. We do sincerely wish we could bring new people on board but at this point it is nearly impossible.

The only way one would even be considered would be to have an extremely powerful resume. Red Team skills, a strong intelligence background, military history and security clearances would be a few of the characteristics we would consider of a potential candidate.

All would need to be verifiable. If you have to ask, you probably are not a candidate.

You should also be an idea person. Besides the skills you have, how would you apply them to fighting terrorism? We want people with cutting-edge ideas using bleeding edge technologies. We’re interested in what you have to offer that would make us go, “Holy shit, we need this person right now.” If you just finished your Kali 101 class and know nothing about how ISIS and other terror organizations operate right now, you’re probably not where we need you to be at this time.

While joining is most likely not an option, you may still contribute. We need good information, especially forums and chats. We have created a list of websites that we are curious about HERE. We need documentation of your supporting evidence – screenshots, links, content*, databases*, spreadsheets*, logs*, etc. No lead can be pursued until we can assess the validity and severity of the information, so the more detailed documentation you can provide the better we can evaluate and proceed. All information is welcome no questions asked* – and we will protect your identity.

Q: Will Ghost Security Group™ hack / DDoS a website for me?

A: Absolutely not. Ghost Security Group™ does not participate in illegal activity. Only law enforcement can legally breach a server and that requires a court order or a warrant, which in most cases is not going to get approved.

Q: I’ve found a pedophile ring, racist organization, or something else unrelated to terrorism. Can I give the information Ghost Security Group™?

A: While we focus mainly on extremism, we are still very much against any group or individual who abuses or takes advantage of others, especially children. If you have credible information we will take a look at it, see what we can do and pass it along to the appropriate people.

Q: What tools does Ghost Security Group™ use? Can you give them to me?

A: Since 2015 Ghost Security Group™ has been building and acquiring a large suite of tools for our daily use. These include forensics tools for analyzing image/audio/video meta data, network traffic, server analytics, OSINT and plethora of custom offensive tools designed by our team for our purposes.

We would love to share however we believe if you are interested in doing the kind of work we do it would be a disservice to you to just hand it all to you on a silver platter. Part of your growth is in doing the research yourself so that you build your own in-depth understanding of the tools available to you and identifying which ones work the best for your own personal methods of research.

Some search terms you can use on Google:

OSINT tools

metadata analysis tools and techniques

digital forensics

social engineering techniques

hacker tools

Q: I am tired of hearing about ISIS and I want to do something to help, what can I do?

A: There are many things you can do to fight extremism without putting yourself or your families in danger:

    1. Educate yourself. This is a complicated fight and without some fundamental understanding of your enemy, you cannot fight them properly. To understand what’s happening now, you need to know what’s happened throughout history to bring us to where we are today. Learn some history, not only about Islam and the Middle East but about how Europe and the United States relate to that part of the world. Read up on what causes people to join ISIS .
    2. Understand that this is not a war against Islam. Just because you see someone wearing a niqāb or a hajib does not mean they’re out to get you. Groups like ISIS represent a very, VERY small segment of the Islamic community and have a twisted interpretation of the religion. The ignorant prejudices many harbor inside, based on legitimate fears combined with a lack of knowledge, are what fuel the fire of radical Islamists’ ability to recruit (“See! they hate us Muslims and they want to kill you!”). If you have those biases, you will need to remove them before you start to fight extremism because those biases will cloud your judgement and you will do more harm than good. Once you have rid yourself of them, help others to alleviate their biases. Understand that most Muslims in the world oppose ISIS and terrorism.
    3. ISIS Black Flag of Jihad

      Once you have successfully accomplished numbers 1 and 2, you can begin to help. Social media is one of their biggest weapons for recruitment and radicalization. Learn to identify some of the keywords and imagery that would indicate radical discussion. Words like jihad, [to give] bayah, shahid / shaheed / istishad, martyr, hijra could indicate radicalism. Someone becoming radicalized may begin complaining about the atrocities of the West against Muslims in a specific location (Syria for example) or on a global scale, coupled with images of dead children. This eventually leads to the belief that it is OK for ISIS or other groups to harm Western civilians until they stop attacking Muslims.Look for flags of jihad in a user’s profile of social media feed. The ISIS flag will be the one you see most often but you should learn to recognize other flags. A  great resource is at Jihad Intel.

    4. Report extremists to your country’s intelligence agency. The FBI in the USA, MI5 in the UK, Bundesnachrichtendienst in Germany, are all examples. If you suspect an extremist in your town, you can report to your local law enforcement as well.
    5. Become more aware of your surroundings. Erratic behavior is no longer something to ignore these days. Report anything unusual to your local police. A guy in a hoodie with the hood up during spring and summer is never a good thing. Same with a guy in a heavy jacket during spring and summer.
    6. Make exit strategies and teach others to do the same. Now that extremists have successfully pulled off lone wolf attacks in various countries, they are beginning to see that it works and that it’s easy and cheap, especially vehicular attacks. When out in public, stay aware of your surroundings and have an exit strategy. At the mall, at the movies, at the grocery store – make note of the alternate exits available. When walking down the street, walk on the sidewalk that faces traffic so you can see what’s coming and keep making notes of obstacles like traffic light poles, trees, etc that can act as a barrier between you and an oncoming vehicle should one decide to jump the curb and mow you down.
    7. Learn first aid. CPR and tourniquets come in handy in situations of trauma. You may not be able to stop an attack but you may be able to save some lives afterwards. Encourage everyone you know to do the same.
    8. Change your passwords. Hijacking people’s social media accounts is on the rise so that extremists have more accounts available at their disposal to spread their messages. They are taking advantage of people who have poor passwords and/or who have used ancient email accounts, like Hotmail, to create their social media accounts. See THIS BLOG POST for more about protecting yourself.

It all boils down to education coupled with awareness.

Q: What about other terrorist groups, like the Taliban?

A: We are actively fighting every terrorist organization. HTS, Nusra, Taliban, AQ – they’re all bad people and they’ve actually been able to fly under the radar the lst few years while ISIS held the spotlight. If you have information leading to key figures in any of these other groups, please let us know and we will process it accordingly.

Q: For what agency / country does Ghost Security Group™ work?

A: Ghost Security Group™ is a private team of individuals across the globe simply working for the betterment of humanity. Through our global partnerships we are able to transmit intelligence quickly to any country or law enforcement agency in the world within minutes.

Q: Can I use your logo on a fan page or as my social media avatar?

A: It is important for us to maintain a clear distinction online as to who is a part of our team and what sites and accounts are officially managed by us. While we appreciate the support we cannot allow you to wear our official badge. We have created an official “Supporter” badge that you are free to use. It can be found here.

Q: I heard you guys are spying against Anons. Why would you do that?

A: As is now evident all the time in the news, the internet is full of people who try to sway public perceptions with false narratives to fulfill some agenda or create their own narrative. When we chose in 2016 to go above-ground to expand our fight against terror there were many who were angry at our decision and perhaps felt a little betrayed. A handful of those chose to expend an exorbitant amount of time and energy discrediting our people and our work. Our hands are quite full dealing with terrorism and we have no interest in investigating anyone unless they are a threat to the lives of civilians. We fully support the work of true Anons and we would never attempt to expose them or disrupt their efforts.

*Ghost Security Group does not endorse, recommend, suggest, condone, give green light to, excuse, bless, grant, tolerate, indulge, license, sanctify or otherwise encourage unauthorized access to electronic data of any kind.

4 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Geert Welling says:

    Be careful who you call terrorist, this term is utilized by more than what says to be in favor of religion. That is, before you start ‘catching’.


  2. crownprince says:

    I hope you have turned your attention toward the rising radical right wing. They have infiltrated many police departments (like Ferguson). This is a fact. CBP is heavily influenced by ghost skins and the skins flocked to ICE like flies to turds. I read the Butler and the Aryan Nation call to grow hair and infiltrate way back in 1989. They said, “… the Republican Party will be more receptive to our message”. How the hell can we deal with that?


    1. Ghost Security Group™ says:

      Thank you for your insight. We are definitely keeping an eye on US terror actors, regardless of political persuasion. We are actively monitoring hundreds of volatile right- and left- wing extremist resources on multiple platforms. There is a fine line, however, between free speech and criminal behavior, so how you deal with it can be a touchy subject. Currently we choose to keep a private approach to our activities with regard to US extremism but rest assured we take civil liberties very seriously and only want to create and maintain a safe and inclusive environment for people of all sexual, religious, and political persuasions and of all nationalities, genders, colors and origins.


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