Ghost Security Group Website Image 2Ghost Security Group is a counterterrorism organization that combats extremism on the digital front lines of today using the internet as a weapon. Our cyber operations consist of collecting actionable threat data, advanced analytics, offensive strategies, surveillance and providing situational awareness through relentless cyber terrain vigilance.

To date we have identified and terminated over one hundred thousand extremist social media accounts that were used primarily for recruitment purposes and transmission of threats against life and property. Our operatives have also detected numerous terrorism related activities and responded accordingly with federal law enforcement agencies worldwide. Ghost Security Group currently monitors over two hundred known violent extremist websites for actionable threat data and analysis.

The prime focus of Ghost Security Groupis centered on electronic warfare using offensive strategies in addition to collecting real time data to aggressively analyze threats and provide situational awareness to federal governments and the intelligence community. We maintain a large database of extremist social media profiles and websites including the deep web.

Data mining is essential to our operational success as we constantly search for previously unknown hostile digital assets to analyze for relevant threat data. Ghost Security Group is also capable of infiltrating enemy communications via social media and other platforms for data collection purposes. We also utilize ground assets that are able to relay information to us from actual conflict zones and provide real time data on the constantly evolving battlefield.