8 Members of “Al-Sakri Institute for Military Sciences” Investigated for Terrorism | Assabah News

Google translation of article:

An investigating judge of the anti-terrorism judiciary recently launched an investigation into a case involving eight defendants with Takfiri thought. According to the Al-Sabah News, the defendants were a group of Tkfiris who called them “and prepared for them” Which is part of the Al-Sakri Institute for Military Sciences, one of the media wings of the terrorist organization Da’ash.

Initial investigations revealed that the group was in contact with the elements of the “Da’ash” terrorist in Syria.

According to Al-Sabah News, Al-Saqri for Military Sciences is the same media wing as the terrorist Muna Qabla, which blew itself up a month ago on Habib Bourguiba Street in the center of the capital.

According to the same data, one of the elements of the group “and prepared for them” deliberately created several accounts on the sites of “Facebook” and “Telegraph”, which attracted young people from the states of Sfax and Sidi Bouzid to adopt Takfiri thought.

According to investigations, this element was attracted to the adoption of the Dahesh thought by his brother, who was joining the ranks of the preacher and died in Iraq during the implementation of the suicide bombing in Anbar.

According to the investigation revealed that the element and after being influenced by thought Da’ashi plans to join the battalion Oqba bin Nafi in the mountains of Jendouba also sailed on the Internet and managed to access some sites and learn how to make explosives in preparation for a terrorist operation quality in our country, including planning to close the road x and target points The main purpose of supplying electricity with improvised explosive devices was to bring panic and fear among the Tunisian people and make it turn on power.

It was also revealed that one of the elements of the group “prepared his home in the state of Ariana as an informer for the manufacture of explosives.

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