Two arrested in Morocco for plotting terror attacks

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The Central Bureau of Judicial Research, based on accurate information provided by the General Directorate for the Control of the National Territory, arrested two men aged 18 and 25 on Friday in Enzakan and Ait Melloul, one of whom was a former detainee under the Anti-Terrorism Law, In preparation for the implementation of terrorist projects in the Kingdom, in the framework of pre-emptive operations aimed at combating the threat of terrorist threat.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the two suspects were linked to other terrorist elements that were suspended in July 2018 in Fez and Safi with the aim of coordinating with them and attempting to obtain firearms for use in terrorist attacks against sensitive targets in the Kingdom.

The preliminary investigation, he added, links the elements of this cell to extensive contacts with loyalists outside the Kingdom, in order to benefit from their expertise in the manufacture of explosives, explosive devices and poisons, in preparation for the implementation of their terrorist plans within the Kingdom.

The report also pointed out that the suspects were kept under the custody of the Department of Public Prosecutions under the auspices of the Public Prosecution in charge of terrorism cases, in order to uncover the circumstances and circumstances of their involvement in the preparation and preparation of terrorist acts, as well as the possibility of having participants inside or outside the Kingdom.

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