Search on suspicion of an impending Berlin: bomb attack


Police report from December 22nd, 2020

Joint report Police and Public Prosecutor Berlin
No. 2896
This morning over 190 police officers from the Berlin Police Department searched the address of a 15-year-old Syrian citizen in Berlin-Marzahn on behalf of the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office. On the basis of a credible tip from yesterday evening, the suspicion arose that the suspect had expressed his willingness to commit a bomb attack in Berlin-Marzahn for Islamist reasons and that such an act was imminent.

In the course of the search, the suspect 15-year-old was found. However, no explosives, traces of it or any indications were found. According to previous knowledge, the suspicion has not been confirmed. The evaluation of three seized cell phones and a notebook as well as the investigation into the background of the suspect’s statement are ongoing.

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