Spanish Head of Muntasir Media Arrested

Translation of the article:

The National Police has held the highest person in charge of Spain’s Muntasir Media, a propaganda network of the Islamic State (ISIS), which threatened to attempt against the judge of the National Court, José de la Mata, according to sources police. Numerous chemical precursors and a list of people and critical infrastructures marked as targets in their home in Parla, Madrid have been found in the records. He is accused of the crimes of exaltation and terrorist threats. His entry into provisional prison has been decreed for alleged integration into the Isis terrorist organization.

The arrested, responsible for several videos with jihadist threats in Castilian, issued one entitled You will die with a lapa bomb, where he threatened to kill the magistrate, who has instructed various procedures in recent years against jihadists. “We record our clear will and commitment to eliminate José de la Mata, ” said a video edited by Muntasir that circulated on the social network Telegram.

The arrested is a 23-year-old Spaniard of Moroccan origin with studies of electronics from a non-rigorist Muslim family, according to sources of the anti-terrorism struggle. In his room in a house in Madrid, he edited the videos, to which he incorporated the texts in Spanish, following instructions from his contacts with the Islamic State.

During the operation, a second person was arrested and released. The detainee was solely responsible in Spain for the so-called Muntasir Media, an unofficial platform responsible for the mass dissemination of content in favor of ISIS, which functions as a propaganda system with international ramifications where other members pour threats against countries and politicians.

In the registry of their domicile, the agents found a large number of chemical precursors, including 13 bags of ammonium nitrate, as well as hydrogen peroxide and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), which are key elements in the making of the so-called TATP or mother of Satan , the explosive most used by jihadists and used by the terrorists of the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils .

In addition, a large amount of electronic material, manipulated mobile phones, modified watches that can be used as timers, a bulletproof vest cover and a plate with pellets attached as a shrapnel.

Very detailed manuals and sketches have also been found on the steps to follow for the manufacture of explosive devices. The detainee had prepared a list where he pointed out as targets many people and certain infrastructure. His are all the videos with threats in Castilian spilled in the network between the end of 2018 and 2019.

His training allowed him to make threats by hiding his identity and digital traces so that his location was extremely laborious and complex, because a feature of this platform is the use of very secure messaging applications that allow a wide dissemination of content without hardly any risks to the Username.”

Full article:

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