Terror suspect remanded in custody

NATIONAL Police have arrested an alleged member of DAESH (ISIS) who was storing manuals on how to carry out terror attacks.

The man was a member of several restricted pro-DAESH jihadist messaging groups, which have been the main source of threats against Spain.

He is also alleged to have shown to several contacts his oath of allegiance to DAESH leader Al Baghdadi, which has sometimes been the previous step taken by members of the organisation before carrying out attacks in Europe.

The detainee, who has been remanded in custody in Algeciras, is said to have downloaded and stored videos and manuals for self-training to commit attacks.

These tutorials gave detailed information on how to make homemade explosives as well as how to carry out knife and vehicle attacks.

His access to 20 messaging groups where he could chat to DAESH fighters in conflict zones shows how deeply immersed he was in terrorist culture, say police. These groups have highly restricted access, limited to ‘trusted’ DAESH sympathisers.

Police say that, without a regular job, he spent most of his day compulsively accessing these social networks in order to download, store and view manuals, pro jihadist videos and disseminate his opinions against the West.

Police claim that the detainee was highly radicalised and at a high stage of self-indoctrination and self-training.

In fact, he alluded to the fact that he lived in “Al-Andalus”, instead of in Andalucia, and he stated that “they would catch him with the help of Allah”.

In a search carried out at the detainee’s home, agents seized computers and hard drives.


Source: Terror suspect remanded in custody * Euro Weekly News Spain

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