ISIS Supporter Creates Java-based Game Emulating Vehicular Attacks in Major Cities

On 24 Feb 2019, an individual uploaded a java-based emulator to allowing the player to mow down people in the city streets. The page was then advertised on Telegram in pro-ISIS chat groups by two individuals.

The game is titled “The Attack Of City” and is described by the creator as follows:

“O Muwahideen, do city attacks in kuffar contries. Drive your car through a cuffar society as long as you can without crashing. Overtake cars are closely at high speeds to gain extra points and cash. Driving in the opposite direction also gives more points and cash. Get the highest score. “

The 26-year old Indonesian creator’s account name is listed as Abu Hudzaifah al-Muradi. He claims a D.O.B of July 6, 1993. His other games all mostly have vehicular themes but this is the only one dealing directly with killing non-Muslims.

To date the game has been viewed over 300 times with zero downloads.

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