Handbook of Russian Information Warfare

Published in Nov 2015 by NATO Defense College, this is a fascinating in-depth analysis of Russian information warfare. In light of the current attention being paid to Russian interference in global politics and aggression in Ukraine, it is interesting to read this material written a year prior to the 2016 U.S. elections.

From the abstract:

“This handbook provides an introductory guide to the Russian concept of information warfare, including elements of cyber warfare. The guide also functions as a source book for further detailed research as required. The period since the Russian seizure of Crimea in early 2014 has seen a large number of new publications on the topic of Russian cyber and information warfare, of widely varying quality. Most of these works discuss a specific aspect of the challenge, and many were highly time-sensitive and are therefore already outdated. The aim of this handbook is instead to circumvent the need for extensive ab initio research by providing a guide to the Russian approach which is both comprehensive and durable. The guide takes as its basis material already in the public domain; this material has been collated from a wide range of disparate and sometimes obscure publications in Russian and other languages. Where possible, key concepts and approaches are illustrated and explained by direct quotations from senior members of the Russian defence and security communities. Unless otherwise specified, quotations in the text are from Russian sources, in many cases authoritative papers and essays on the theory and practice of warfare from military journals and conferences. Although not all the sources quoted are ordinarily available to the public, no classified material has been used. In addition to extensive citations in footnotes, each section concludes with a list of recommended reading for deeper research on specific topics. Russian-language titles here and in the citations have been translated into English. URLs for online access to publications have been provided where they are known and available.”

Read the full PDF here:

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